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Carmela Leone

Work with us

We aim to create a female community which brings together under our umbrella property managers from all over Italy. Thanks to this dedicated channel we give voice to women so that they can start their own entrepreneurial activity as a manager of short tourist rentals.

What we offer

  • Ongoing training on property management issues
  • Support on legal and tax issues
  • Call & coaching with Carmela Lerede
  • Face to face with the community
  • Increasing its package of managed houses
  • Increased incomes

How do we do it?


Thanks to marketing we will advertise our brand throughout Italy in order to attract and select the most beautiful structures to manage with the community. We will take care of the promotional activities for the acquired structures on the main online and offline channels, revenue management and several OTAs. We will provide the community with our experience in the field, our channel manager and all the administrative and secretarial activities. Together we will be a winning lady property team.

Carmela Lerede

Do you own a brand?

You can still manage your properties, and at the
same time, manage the ones from the community.

We value your work: commissions are divided in
equal parts to guarantee everyone a reward
for the amazing job.

How can I start?

Please fill in the form below to be contacted. Becoming a Lady Property is SIMPLE. We are always ready to invest in your talent by providing you with ad hoc training. Apply here.

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Our Details

We are pleased to help you.

Meet all our first
Lady Property

Antonella De Ciro

Antonella De Ciro


La passione per questa attività, nasce dal desiderio di far conoscere il mio meraviglioso territorio, le sue bellezze, le sue tradizioni ed i suoi fantastici sapori. Sono innamorata della mia terra e per questo ho intrapreso questo affascinante cammino. Mi piace viaggiare, essere a contatto con la gente, conoscere nuove persone e condividere emozioni ed esperienze.


Vanessa Franco


Ho sempre avuto una naturale propensione all’accoglienza. Ho conosciuto Carmela Lerede e mi sono formata con il suo corso Professione Property Manager, oggi sono pronta ad esercitare questa mia nuova professione nella mia terra. Perché faccio questo lavoro? Perché la Calabria è un posto dalla natura straordinaria ed io come Lady Property Calabria offrirò passione, competenza e accoglienza per tutti viaggiatori che ogni giorno godranno di questa meravigliosa parte d'Italia!